School Management System

Mykoob is a school management system which is an essential support to educational institutions, encouraging student and school interaction. It improves the accessibility of information, as well as significantly increases space for communication between students, parents and teachers. The aim of Mykoob is to increase parental awareness of school on-going processes and to facilitate the preparation of reports for teachers. It structures the schooling of children and automates daily school work.

By introduction of Mykoob, it is possible to completely replace traditional paper-based grade book to an electronic based grade and attendance record book. Also, school administration becomes much easier and less time consuming.

Grades and Attendance

Teachers or any other authorized person makes notes about student attendance and grades the same way as in traditional paper-based journals. All information is displayed in graphical and tabular form to parents, children and teachers. In addition, parents have the opportunity to receive information about the child's attendance on mobile phone. Optionally it is possible to receive notifications on grades as well. In the end of a grading period, teachers are presented with average grades, thus helping to create reports.

Lesson Timetable

Schools can automate lesson scheduling by entering certain parameters like teachers, classes, classrooms, lesson hours etc. Based on these parameters a lesson topic can be generated automatically. The lesson timetable is presented to parents, children and their teachers. Consequently, the parents are always informed of changes in the child's daily plan.


The primary function is considered to inform parents about child’s homework or courses so they can encourage children to complete the assignment and monitor success later (by viewing grades). Every homework or course work is specified by the execution date, subject and description. That way student has a structured to-do list.

Internal Communication System

This is a way to encourage communication between teachers and parents when the conventional means of communication are often impracticable or inconvenient, e.g. when the teacher’s phone number or e-mail address is not known. This system automatically creates a contact list for each user. So each parent has a contact list of all children’s teachers.

Learning Materials

Teachers can upload a wide variety of learning materials in different formats - documents, images, tables. This way, student learning materials will be available at any computer with an Internet access. Student's can upload their homework and the system presents it to teachers for review.

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